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IV Kits & Set

For small doses where it is important to see the flow of vaccine a drip chamber can be added.

We can also include a tube clamp to enable changing the spike between bottles without getting air-bubbles into the tubing.

These kits can be customised to meet your requirements with bespoke components, tube size, tube lengths, printed inserts, ancillary items etc.

These items are manufactured in partnership with human health device manufacturers.

Vented Spike & Drip-chamber with Draw-off tube

The kit can be supplied on its own or with a needle & syringe for mixing concentrates and diluents.


Reference Codes:

ICBTM015ME : Vented spike & drip chamber + 0.6m (or 0.8 or 1.0m) draw–off tube

                               (4.5mm ID) + tube clamp

Suitable for use with the NEW Double Breast Vaccinator (DBV)

ICBTM0010I : As above with 5ml disposable syringe and 18G x 1 1/2” disposable Needle


Supplied Sterile and includes an insert.

Non-Vented Spike & Drip-chamber with Tube

For use with collapsible bags only.

The non-vented spike allows fluid to pass from the bottle and as it does so the bag collapses. 

The spike fits securely in the bottle stopper, this enables the same device to be used for different bottle neck sizes.

Reference Codes:

ICBTM095: Vented spike & drip chamber with + 0.6m (or 0.8 or 1.0m) draw–off tube                              (4.5mm ID) + tube clamp

ICBTM096M: As above with 5ml disposable syringe and 18G x 1 1/2” Needle.


Supplied Sterile and includes an insert.

Spike & Drip-chamber with multiple Tubes

Where 2 operators will use the same bottle of vaccine


Same options as above.

Either vented or non-vented spike & drip chamber with tubing.

IV Set_edited.png

IV Set 

Reference Code : ICBTMIV001​

A set of tubing that is used for the infusion of drugs and

nutrients from infusion bags/bottles to the vein of the animal. The IV set operates on the action of gravity.


This Kit comes with :

· Vented spike

· Drip Chamber

· Roller Clamp

· ABS injection point Y connector

· Hypodermic needle  - we have multiple Gauges available

· Medical Grade PVS tubing lengths can vary according to personal needs.

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